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Friday, January 27, 2006

Treasure Hunting Display at the Library

The Mason County Public Library is hosting a treasure hunting display for the next two months in the library's display window near the front door. Treasure hunting with metal detectors is a popular hobby that turns up all sorts of interesting artifacts. According to the person who put the display together, "I was asked all kinds of questions while I was putting this display together. Most folks were simply amazed all that 'stuff' actually came out of the ground." Included in the display are coins, bullets, toys, knives, watches, utensils... if it's made of metal, you might just find it. Also in the display is an antique metal detector that was top of the line in 1979.

For pictures of the display and more descriptions, please visit here. Make sure you stop by the Mason County Public Library as well and see the actual display. It is well worth the trip.

(Note: Thanks Mark for sharing!)


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