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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hip-hop From Maysville Kentucky?

Lil Bone Face, a 20 year old Maysville Kentucky native, recently worked with BahaMusic and ShyDog Productions, an independent music label, to release his latest album, "Mr. Bad Side: The Book of Michael." His new CD "is an audio book, mainly talking about my life and what I've seen; what I think and my views of everything," Lil Bone Face said in a recent interview with Kasey Doyle at the Independent Ledger. He writes his own hip-hop lyrics, and performed at several locations locally including venues in Maysville, Morehead, Cincinnati and Fort Wayne, Indiana. The president of ShyDog Productions says what sets Lil Bone Face's apart from other hip-hop artists is that his lyrics are about life itself, unlike other mainstream rap artists, who write mostly about material possessions.

To hear samples of Fletcher's music and for more information about the musician visit:


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