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Friday, February 03, 2006

Ripley Ohio to Get New Boat Dock

Many of the charming things about nearby Ripley Ohio comes from it being a river town, so naturally they've paid some attention to their boat ramp in recent years. New plans are underway to make the area more attractive to pleasure boaters along the Ohio River. Recently the Village Council unveiled their plans for the second phase of the existing Freedom Landing River Walk, which will include a new boat dock. The new boat dock plans to accommodate roughly two dozen boats, with expansion capabilities built in so they can dock more boats, like when they have their annual Tobacco Festival.

They also hope to attract some river boat tours in this fashion.

The entire project is expected to cost $550,000. The Village Council hopes to offset that price by selling engraved bricks to area family and businesses. These bricks will go into the construction of the project, forming the sidewalks along the river. Also available will be plaques on the back of benches for people to sit on. I might buy one of those. During the summer, I personally enjoy getting a butter pecan waffle cone from the Rockin' Robbins ice cream parlor, sitting at one of the current benches, and watching the boats on the Ohio River.


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