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Saturday, February 04, 2006

2006 Webby Awards: Local Web Site Awards

Recently the Maysville-Mason County Chamber of Commerce held their annual excellence awards for chamber members. Curiously, one of the categories missing was the best web site award. The closest thing they had was a Printing/Marketing category, which is not even close. This isn't surprising since web technology is still catching on in the local area, but in the greater scheme of things, it is so 1990s to not include the web. That's why the Maysville Kentucky Blog is presenting its very own 2006 Webby Awards. These are web sites in and around the local area that showed a little something extra during the 2005 year. It may be possible that we missed a site or two, but our coverage of local web sites is pretty extensive. If you feel something is missing here, please feel free to add a comment with the web site and why you feel it deserves an award.

Best Local News Web Site - Maysville-Online (Ledger Independent)
Hands down the best local news web site. Maysville-Online dominates the local news scene on the web. Many of the other web sites in town that offered news often had to resort to linking back to the Ledger Independent's web site as its source for the article. Not surprising. Maysville-Online is the original Maysville web site.

Best Local Discussion Web Site - Maysville Kentucky BBS
The Maysville Kentucky BBS site really picked up this year. While other sites were publishing information, this site allowed people to talk about what they read with others from the community, often times providing more background information about a topic than available elsewhere.

Best Business Directory - Maysville-Mason County Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce web site has long been a great source of information about local businesses and houses the most comprehensive directory of local businesses on the web. You can waste a lot of time at other sites looking for local business information, or find what you need here in a matter of seconds.

Best Tourism Web Site - City of Maysville
No other web site offered as much information for the area in regards to what a tourist may want to see than the City of Maysville's web site. From a comprehensive calendar of events, to tour information, to Maysville history, anyone thinking about visiting the Maysville area would benefit greatly from visiting the City of Maysville web site.

Best Historical Web Site - Museum Center
Maysville Kentucky and its local areas are steeped in history. You can find that out readily enough by visiting the Museum Center in the real world. Still, if you're not from around here, what better way to learn about our community's rich history than to visit them online. Obviously they must know this because they have taken the time to provide a great deal of historical resources through their web site.

Best Non-Profit Web Site - Limestone YMCA
We are always impressed by those who take the time to use their web site to provide information to us netizens. Limestone YMCA does just that. You can find loads of great information about their programs and activities. Besides being a clean site that is easy to use, they get our "Best Non-Profit" award for sheer wealth of information.

Best Online Store - Sunflower Sundries
Surprisingly there are very few online stores in the area. That is not to say that our winner for this category wouldn't have won anyway, it's just an observation. Best online store goes to Sunflower Sundries, the local crafter of handmade soaps, jellies, and other unique items, most of which you can purchase securely from their web site. They provide truly unique gift items that now the rest of the world can enjoy as well.

Best Personal Web Site - James D. Werline
While I'd love to include my own personal web site as the winner for this category, to be fair the James D. Werline site truly takes better advantage of web publishing to promote his water color paintings far more than any other personal web site we came across.

Best Blog - Maysville Kentucky Blog
We really would like to consider other blogs for this category, but to be honest the ones we came across weren't updated regularly or weren't topically Maysville. I guess we win by default : )

Congratulations to all the winners! You make the online Maysville world a better place. 2005 was a great year for the web and Maysville's place in it.

And now, two unofficial categories that certainly merit inclusion here:

Worst Maysville Web Site - Wikipedia's Maysville Article
Considering how great Maysville is in contemporary times, and at least how important Maysville has been historically, Wikipedia's article about Maysville is horrible. To make matter's worse, anyone can contribute to the article to make it better. As of the writing of this blog post, Wikipedia's Maysville Kentucky page is sorely lacking in information, especially concerning our local history.

Who to Watch - Mason County Beat
The Mason County Beat got its start in the print world this past year offering news and commentary about the local area. They even won several awards from the Kentucky Press Association. We have the sneaky suspicion that in 2006 the Mason County Beat's web version will turn some heads.


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