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Blue Licks State Park History

There was an interesting article published recently at about Blue Licks State Park. In the article it talks about the American Revolution, in which Blue Licks is famous for being the last major battle (nevermind the fact that it was actually fought 10 months after the British had surrendered at Yorktown, VA). Also tied into the article is this story, lesser known:

The 580-acre park is home to salt springs that attracted prehistoric animals, including mastodons. The springs also played a key role in American Indian life and attracted pioneers like Boone.

In the 1800s, the mineral springs were a popular Kentucky health resort. The water was also bottled and sold as a general health remedy.

Great read. Apparently, the park is also home to Short's goldenrod, a federally endangered plant species. It is protected on three preserves totaling 53 acres within the state park. I didn't know that one. Check out the full story here.