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Kentucky Declared Most Stylish State

According to the March issue of Esquire magazine, Kentucky is the most stylish state in the country. No, I'm not making this up. They actually said: "The most stylish state in America is ... Kentucky. The bluegrass state has cranked out nine major style icons with a modest population of four million people. Beat that, New York!"

The Esquire senior associate editor responsible for the selection, Christopher Berend, explained: "When you tell other people, they think you're kidding, but it's true... As we stated in the issue, it's not necessarily the number of style icons that they have or iconic traditions like the Derby. It's really about the fact that the individuals that have come out of that state, whether by coincidence or not, have become style touchstones for a lot of men."

So what touchstones makes Kentucky such a stylish state? According to Esquire, they are: George Clooney, nephew of Maysville-born singer Rosemary and son of Nick; the country-rock group My Morning Jacket from Louisville; the Kentucky Derby; Louisville-born heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali; actor Johnny Depp from Owensboro; Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson from Louisville; retired New York Knicks guard Allan Houston from Louisville; game-show host Chuck Woolery from Ashland and Col. Harland Sanders, founder of the Louisville-based Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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