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Jeremy said...

Thanks Ken. Although there are searchable databases, I couldn't find a place where they were all listed together. For Memorial Day I wanted provide that for them.

12:55 PM

This was a good thing you did Jeremy. I recognized a couple of names on the WWII list. Brought back memories from my childhood.
"Decoration Day" ain't what it used to be and thats a bad thing

6:02 AM

The Post:

Memorial Day: Mason County WWI & WWII Fallen

This Memorial Day, the people of Maysville Kentucky remember the soldiers who died while serving in combat during World War I and World War II. Here are the fallen soldiers from Mason County who died in service during these two wars.

World War I Fallen Soldiers

Batis, Thomas, Pvt.
Beckley, Elgin, Pvt.
Bolender, Hugh E., Pvt.
Bramel, Arthur Glenn, Pvt.
Brierly, Mark, Pvt.
Brurly, Mark, Pvt.
Calvert, Joseph N., Lt.
Cooper, Thomas P., Pvt.
Cosgriff, Earl J., Cpl.
Davis, Joseph C., Pvt.
Frederick, Grover C., Pvt.
Louderback, Grover C., Pvt.
Mefford, John W., Pvt.
Phillips, William, Pvt.
Pollitt, Robert T., Pvt.
Purdon, Ernest C., Pvt.
Ruack, Alva L., Pvt.
Shoemaker, Albert B., Pvt.
Shoemaker, Lee Roy, Pvt.
Sidell, Ira F., Pvt.
Smith, Benjamin F., Pvt.
Thomas, John W., Sgt.
Williams, Daniel H., Pvt.
Wilson, Dale L., Pvt.

For more information about the National WWII Memorial that honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home, please visit:

To search the electronic World War II Registry of Americans who contributed to the war effort, or add the name of a loved one, click here.

World War II Fallen Soldiers

Bell, Clarence C., Pfc.
Blythe, Albert G., Pfc.
Bradford, Roscoe G., Pvt.
Bradford, Walter L., Sgt.
Brammer, Richard S., Pvt.
Brothers, Harold A., Pvt.
Bussell, Forest E., Pfc.
Catron, Irvin F., S Sgt.
Comer, John P., Tec 5
Cooper, Ernest W., Pfc.
Cullen, Edward A., S Sgt.
Deatley, Herman, Pvt.
Dermon, Virgil W., Pvt.
Dobbins, Robert, Pfc.
Estill, William E. Jr., 1 Lt.
Evans, George V., S Sgt.
Faulkner, Herman A., Tec 5
Follmer, William J., Pfc.
Frodge, Floyd, Pfc.
Gallenstein, John H., Tec 5
Gilbert, Floyd A., T Sgt.
Graybill, Earl H., Pvt.
Groce, Clarence E. Jr., 2 Lt.
Hampton, Roland T., Pfc.
Hall, William F., Pfc.
Hamm, Alva L., Pfc.
Harding, Joseph D., Pvt.
Hargett, Paul M., 2 Lt.
Haughaboo, William S., Sgt.
Janison, Ralph S., S Sgt.
King, James T., Sgt.
Linville, William T., S Sgt.
Matthews, Church M., Col.
McFarland, Paul L., S Sgt.
McGiboney, Knox P., 1 Lt.
Mineer, Charles D., Pvt.
Mullikin, William H., Pvt.
Muse, Henry R., Pfc.
Obanion, Woodrow S., Sgt.
Porter, James F., Sgt.
Richardson, Neal M., Pfc.
Shepherd, Edward D., Sgt.
Snipes, Dee C., Pvt.
Stambough, Warren G., 1 Sgt.
Taylor, John C., Sgt.
Turner, Floyd E., Pvt.
Vincent, Lawrence, Pfc.
Wallingford, Robert G., Pvt.
Walton, Newell W., Pfc.
Wilkes, Edmund W., Maj.
Willett, Clarence B., Pfc.