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Art in the Garden Festival: Augusta Kentucky

Cafe Tables in Autumn - Ken Swinson

The annual Art In The Garden festival takes place today from 10 am to 5 pm along Riverside Drive in Augusta, Kentucky. The event brings together around 50 artists from the local area to the banks of the Ohio River to share their original art with the rest of us.

One of those artists is Ken Swinson, an artist from Augusta who settled here more than 10 years ago after falling in love with the local scenery. Swinson is an impressionist painter along the styles of Claude Monet and others who include visible brushstrokes, light colors, open composition, and an emphasis on light in its changing qualities. The Impressionist Movement became big during the 19th century.

Pictured above is Ken Swinson's original oil painting, Cafe Tables in Autumn. It's a part of his Beehive Tavern series. More of Swinson's art can be found at his web site He also maintains a blog with commentary about his artwork and the art industry.