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No Thanks, Keep Your Garbage

It's nice when people give you gifts. Some cash in a birthday card, very nice, thank you. Dinner on me, absolutely. But dumping bags of garbage in our backyards... umm, no thanks, you can keep that. I got a healthy dose of "what the heck?" when I read this article over at the Ledger Independent today. According to the piece, someone has been dumping bags of garbage in the bushes of nearby Bracken County. They seem to have gone out of their way to do it as well. Two piles of garbage were stuffed away near the train tracks, viewable from the tracks themselves but not from Kentucky 8, the main road through the area.

The truly odd part is that it appears that the garbage came from Covington, Kentucky, two counties over! A pill bottle found in the trash was filled on a prescription from a Covington dentist and had a Covington residential address on it. The rest of the garbage also appeared to be household garbage. So what kind of person drives two counties away and dumps their garbage in the bushes? The mystery is unsolved, but Bracken County Solid Waste coordinators hope to learn more as they continue to sift through the garbage.

Weird. A piece of advice to Covington residents... they have dumpsters there, you know, and with gas prices the way they are these days, you might save a buck keeping your garbage to yourself : ) Nice town, btw. I love Mainstrausse.