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The Clooney's Irish Roots

Researchers working for have traced the geneaologies of popular celebrities using the massive amounts of data gathered in Utah during the past century by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The company has also collated 13 million US census records dated between 1790 and the 1930s, the most recent records in the public domain. Using this information and searching technologies, and working backwards from famous descendants living today, they have determined the orgins of famous people's families. Some of them come from the British Isles.

According to the 1880 American census via, the great-great-grandfather of George Clooney, the actor, immigrated from Ireland and became a jeweller. His son Andrew became mayor of Maysville Kentucky, and campaigned with the help of George’s singing aunts — Rosemary and Betty (sisters of Nick) — who were radio stars.