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The Maysville Kentucky Blog is your guide to the beautiful and historic small town of Maysville Kentucky, snuggled into the rolling hills along the Ohio River. Though this blog has been discontinued, you can get your Maysville Kentucky fix over at Ken Downing's Mason County Kentucky Blog @

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Maysville's Best: The Arts

The small town of a Maysville Kentucky, despite having only a dozen thousand people or less, is suprisingly strong when it comes to the arts. Sometimes it's simply an appalachian craft festival, other times it's a symphony orchestra concert, but whether it's music or theater or paintings, hardly a month goes by where groups and individuals in the city aren't presenting some sort of arts function.

The most obvious fine art project in Maysville is the Floodwall Murals located at the downtown waterfront. These nine murals (with more planned for the near future) depict Maysville's evolving history as a rivertown. There's also private groups that put on art shows periodically like the Ohio River Valley Artists Guild. Steve White, who has a gallery on Market Street, is probably the best known local painter. His gallery has many photo-realistic paintings of local buildings. The Kentucky Gateway Museum also houses historical paintings of the area.

The Maysville Players are a very active theatrical group that puts on theater projects several times a year. They began in 1962 with their production of "Our Town". Thirty-five years later, they are still active in the theater business. This makes the Maysville Players unique, as well as the oldest group of its kind in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The group's theater, The Washington Opera House, is the 5th oldest theater in the country and is currently under major rennovations.

Of course in the music arena, each fall there is the Rosemary Clooney Music Festival, which not only celebrates the music of Rosemary, but also celebrates music in general. It's a huge draw for music fans from around the country and is Maysville's biggest cultural event.

Various other cultural activities take place throughout the year, including many art festivals, smaller music festivals, educational symposiums and more. Together, they make Maysville the undisputed cultural center of the entire region.