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Rarefied Realism by Local Fine Artist

Local artist James D. Werline was born October 8, 1952 in Maysville, Kentucky, and moved with his mother and father to a farm in Bentonville, Ohio six months later. It was on this farm where he grew up that Werline first found what he still loves to paint: rural landscapes. By the time he reached junior high school, he had his own in-house studio, and was making his spending money by painting in watercolor, an unforgiving medium.

During Werline’s time in Cincinnati, he owned and operated a gallery on Main Street in Amerlia, Ohio. His shop was a showcase for his limited edition prints, his originals, and creative custom framing. Teaming with his wife Dee, Werline made sure that every person’s visit to their shop was a memorable occasion.

Presently Werline teaches and is head of the Art Department at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro, Ohio. He was a driving force in establishing the Art Department at the college. Always learning from his students, he enjoys and values the teaching aspect of his profession. A promoter of individual students’ careers, he contributes advice and assistance in planning, preparing, and displaying their numerous works. Several of his students have attained professional status under his guidance.

James D. Werline has attained a prominent place in American art. He continues to strengthen his predominance as a watercolorist specializing in “rarified realism,” revealing he power of an element unique to his work: a captivating spiritual quality derived from his softness of stroke and his masterful ability to create timeless, intimate mood through suffusion of light. He continues to publish and distribute his own paintings from his home in Manchester, Ohio with Dee and his son, Drew.

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