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Jeremy said...

That poor guy! : )

11:19 AM
Ken said...

Many years ago when Dennison was a little boy he had a part in the Player's production of Mame.
My wife and his mother worked back stage. He had a scene that required a "very quick " costume change. He'd come off stage and those two women would literally throw him on the floor - hank off clothes and stuff him in clothes.
Sometimes things back stage are funnier than on stage.
Oh, by the way, Dennison favors his Mom

12:27 PM

The Post:

Dennison Keller, Rosemary Clooney Festival Host

The upcoming Rosemary Clooney Festival this weekend will be hosted by WKRC reporter Dennison Keller. According to the Ledger Independent, Keller has close ties to the Maysville Kentucky community. He was born in Ripley, Ohio and attended school in Mason County. He's also a very enthusiastic fan of the entire event and has reported on it in past years while providing film footage of the concert.

The Ledger quoted Keller as saying: "You have the meal, the entertainment and Maysville lit up with the stage under the spires. It is really extraordinary."

Want to know more about Dennison Keller? Check out his video biography we found on the web: Click here for video