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Maysville Regional Area Forms Masonic Symbol

The Square and Compass is one of the most prominent symbols of Freemasonry.
A sacred geometry related to the Masonic Square and Compass symbol is represented by the layout of certain regional Kentucky towns, particularly the Rowan County area, according to an anonymous Wikipedia contributor (his contributions were later removed as anecdotal). The entry suggested that early regional towns were perhaps designed and built according to esoteric symbology, including Maysville. It said (paraphrased to make sense):

"Rowan County was once part of a much larger area called Mason County which had a southwest border using the Licking River for a 45 degree angle aligned with the north-most point of Kentucky. If you place the masonic square and compass over a properly sized map with the pivot on Rome, Ohio, the shape of the county is covered proportionately by the symbol, and the compass points run past Mt. Olympus in Bath County and point towards London and Whitesburg.

"The southern tip of the county lies directly east of Lexington and a north-south line disects the confluence of the Licking River, Lexington, and the north point of Pulaski County, as well as the point where the Big South Fork crosses the border with Tennessee."

That, according to the entry, forms the basic shape of the Masonic Square and Compass. The central feature of the symbol, the "G" part that is thought to represent either God or Geometry, would fall directly over the east gate of Morehead State University - oddly marked by a black marble obelisk with the esoteric number "13" on it.

The entry then goes on to explain that the road extending from Maysville to Morehead was a part of this symbology and discusses how this is tied into the Proctor and Gamble operations in Cincinnati (whose logo has a symbolic crescent moon and 13 stars on it). It also said that the original layout of MSU was 13 buildings forming a crescent moon pattern and that "Moonlight schools" were conducted at MSU by the Masons to teach to the "enlightened".

I have no idea if any of this is true or not, just that it is a weird and interesting contribution to local lore.

Archived Rowan County, Kentucky, entry at Wikipedia