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The Maysville Kentucky Blog is your guide to the beautiful and historic small town of Maysville Kentucky, snuggled into the rolling hills along the Ohio River. Though this blog has been discontinued, you can get your Maysville Kentucky fix over at Ken Downing's Mason County Kentucky Blog @

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Some Recent Comments

We love hearing from readers who share an interest in our small Kentucky town. Here's some recent comments I thought I'd bump to the top.

In Response to Follow Up On Billy The Kid's Maysville Connection

Martha Poe Walls...

I find all things Poe interesting. It’s a nasty habit that comes from doing family research. I read the article that you did on Jimmy McElfresh, and knew that the McElfresh family was connected to my Henderson side. I found the name of my grandmother’s brother in that article, if it’s the same John Henderson. He mentions Cotty Henderson, and that was one of the names that John Henderson Jr., had mentioned to me when I had talked to him via phone about my Henderson roots. My father’s family runs deep in Maysville, from the Browning’s, Henderson, Mastin, and Poe lines. I could go on, but probably would bore you to tears with it. Thanks again for listing my reply on your Blog, and thanks again for the interesting and informative articles that you post. I do have to say I absolutely loved the car going through town with the camera on it. It had me in stitches, and gave me a look at Maysville that was unique.


In Response to The Original Hayswood Hospital

Molly said...

Hi, My name is Molly and I was born there in that hosital and live across the street from there before we moved to Florida. Every year I visit my relatives and go by the hospital and it saddens me to see such a horrible, run down old building that holds a lot of history. I wished it could be refurbished and use for a senior home or low income housing. I wished that the people of Maysville could do something to at least stop the deteration of the building. Could the mayor do something about it? I went to school with him. Also, there is a house across the street where my Aunt lived. Nobody lives there now. Why is it bordered up and very dirty outside? See you in June Molly


In Response to The Thank God I Made It Town

Jilana Wilson said...

Words cannot describe how much I enjoy this. I spent every summer of my life as a child on Mamaw Bess and Papaw Dick's farm on Charlotte Bottoms Road. We also spent time at Papaw John and Etta's, Ole Mom Harrison, Mamaw Boyd, and all of our other aunts and uncles. Those days were filled with wonder, Jesus, the river, tobacco, sweat bee's and heat. What a wonderful childhood I had. I miss those days so. Thanks for being there.


In Response to The Pulse: Basketball At Maysville High School

New said...

I went to my first game in the Fieldhouse after living here for 7 years. The game was against Lex Catholic and it went into double overtime. Royals win. I honestly never knew HS basketball could be like this.

Ken Downing Class of 1957 said...

How well I remember. Except my thrill was in 1956 and a triple overtime win over Nicholas County in the regional finals at Harrison County and the Sweet Sixteen was at Memorial Coliseum. Oh, and I too wished they had the 3 point shot in 1956. Thanks for bringing back the memory.


In Response to Dave Tomlin: Maysville Baseball Player

Jane Beam Johnson said...

Just cannot resist the blog! Love Maysville and always will! Dave Tomlin was perhaps born in Maysville, Ky., but he was one of a large family that lived in Liberty Township, Adams County, Ohio. He attended Liberty School and West Union High School. The Tomlin boys were all good baseball players and their sisters could play softball, too! David being one of the younger ones was blessed with a great cheering section at his games as he grew up, and with lots of love and encouragement that probably contributed to his successful career. He was a student at Liberty Twp. School where my mother taught, and like his brothers and sisters, he always treated her and my dad with respect and appreciation.