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Jeremy said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for the background information. It truly is an uplifiting story.


1:39 AM

I am Ann Burnette Peters, other daughter of Ann Kirk Burnette. Some of this information is incorrect. Mrs. Brown died the day before my mother, and it was my mother who felt the strong need to be in Ripley, OH at the other nursing home. My mother and Hilda had been residents of the Ohio Valley Rehab. and Nursing Facility for a year and a half before my mother broke her hip. It was then that my sister and I moved our mother to the Maysville facility where she died 3 months later. Mrs. Brown and my mother were truly wonderful friends, and their deaths were yet another irony of their strong bond.

12:39 PM

The Post:

Two Friends Share an Inspirational Lifetime

A sad and also heart-warming story comes to us from the Cincinnati Post about two local women who shared a lifetime of friendship that lasted even unto death, and perhaps beyond. Both Hilda Stewart Brown and Ann Kirk Burnette, lifelong friends, passed away recently.

The Post writes:

"They were friends throughout their long lives, playing together as children, staying in touch when circumstances separated them and renewing their friendship in their later years."

Remarkably, both women passed away within a day of the other. The circumstances surrounding their passing seem to show how close they were in other ways as well. One of the ladies passed away at an extended care facility in Ripley, Ohio. The other, at a nursing center in Maysville, Kentucky, just a few miles away seemed to sense that the other had died. The day that Mrs. Burnette died, Mrs. Brown talked of an urgent need to be in Ripley, although she was not informed that her friend had passed away.

"She talked of needing to be in Ripley," said Mrs. Burnette's daughter, Glenna Fossitt of Maysville. "Just before she died, she opened her eyes and said she saw her own mother, and then she saw herself and Hilda playing as children in her mother's yard."

Neither friend even knew that the other was seriously ill, the article wrote. Although, "Mrs. Burnette, a dozen miles away from Ripley in a Maysville nursing facility, somehow sensed it."

A friendship that lasted 80 years, beginning on Second Street as children and never truly ending, even in death, obviously.

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