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Comments: Marshall Key's Tavern in Old Washington


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Marshall Key's Tavern in Old Washington

There was a recent article in the Cincinnati Post about Old Washington's Marshall Key's Tavern which opened last year under the new management of Dave and Tammy Johnson from Phoenix, Arizona.

From the Cincinnati Post:

Longtime residents of Phoenix, Dave and Tammy Johnson headed to the hills, so to speak, last year after concerns about rising crime rates and a skyrocketing population in their hometown. They wanted to move into an old house and had a desire to own a "mom and pop"-type business.

After searching on the Internet for a home that had some history behind it, they wound up venturing to southern Ohio. House hunting eventually prompted them to cross the Ohio River into Kentucky...

When he and Tammy toured Washington Hall, a former grand hotel on Old Main Street built circa 1820, they decided they'd like to open an eatery that specialized in home cooking served up in a historic setting. Last November, they did just that.

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