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Old Washington Kentucky Web Site

For those of you who don't know, in my day job I get to design web sites. A recent project that I particularly enjoyed working on is the new Old Washington, Kentucky web site that just came online in the past few weeks. Since I'm a fan of local history, working historical elements into the design was a welcomed break from some of my other projects.

For our readers out of town, Old Washington Kentucky was founded in the 1700s and maintains much of its old Kentucky pioneer feel to this day, with well maintained original log cabins. Even the post office in town is a log cabin. Recent projects have even gone so far as to bury powerlines so that the immersive feel of Colonial America is kept intact - it also doesn't hurt the bidding with Hollywood when a pioneer village is needed in a historical movie : )

They've made great efforts to keep their historical identity, and of course that reflects in the design of the web site.

Check it out: