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Old Washington's Upgrade

It's always nice when project planners incorporate history into the future of a community. That's why Old Washington, Inc., the group in charge of bringing the historic village into the present and future gets a gold star for involving Orloff Miller, a PhD. and archaeologist, into the project planning. Part of the project consists of placing power lines and telephone wires underground. Old Washington had received federal funding to complete the project and because it's the Feds, an archaeologist was required to monitor the effort.

Luckily Maysville had an archaeologist living in the community. Miller and his wife had moved to the area about a year ago, just when things were starting to get underway in Old Washington. And according to sources, his very welcomed contributions come cheap.

Miller's work, according to this Mason County Beat article, is strictly voluntary – as is the work of everyone else involved in the task.

"This is a voluntary effort. There are no paid consultants. I'm volunteering my time," Miller said in an interview with the Beat.

Often these things go unappreciated, so if you see Mr. Miller, tell him thanks. More about Orloff Miller can be found in this Ledger Independent article.