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Comments: Free Concerts: Live Music on Second Street


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Jeremy said...

Hey, good to see you commenting Sean. : )

3:44 PM

I love live music, and I think this is a great chance to see free live music in Maysville. Thank you to the organizers and sponsors for supporting another awesome event in Maysville.

1:00 AM
Jeremy said...

It really is a good way to get together Ron. Unfortunately this one was rained out... with fury! I stopped in to listen and it seemed like everything would be alright, but in a few minutes the sky dumped what felt like the entire river upon us. I'm really hoping that the band's equipment will be alright. That little area turned out to be a wind tunnel.

I'm told that next week everything will be a go ahead (pending the weather of course).

10:33 PM
Ron L. said...

Sounds like a really good time and a good way to get people out and socializing.
I live in the Indianapolis area but have a whole gang of family in Maysville. I'd like to start visiting more often because I really do love being on the river in Maysville. It just feels like home for some reason.

7:58 AM

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The Post:

Free Concerts: Live Music on Second Street

What's better than live music on a cool summer night? Free live music! No cover charge, no purchase necessary, just bring a chair and your friends. In an effort to shed a spotlight on independent music, Maysville Kentucky-based iMP (Indie Music Project) has teamed up with the Ledger Independent and Radio Shack to bring you free concerts at the pavilion on Second Street next to U.S. Bank. The free concerts will be held every Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm throughout the summer (weather permitting).

"The music is live. We have Americana style music, younger rock, country, and I am looking to bring reggae to town," said Justin Parnell, the event's promoter, in a recent interview with the Ledger. "I want to invite bands around the country to come to Maysville to play."

This week's show will be indie rock and Radio Shack will be giving away a Motorola SLVR and an Apple iPod to some luck audience member. Nice.