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Lavender Hills of Kentucky

With the tobacco industry in decline, farmers in the area are turning to other crops to make up the difference. According to a recent article in the Cincinnati Post, one farm family in Bracken County Kentucky has decided to go Lavender. No, not the color. They've decided to make Lavender, the herb, the base of their farming operation.

Previously the Charles and Judy Brothers family was unaware of lavender's status as a cure-all, do-all cash crop. With the help of their daughters (including Teresa High of Maysville Kentucky), they began researching Lavender, whose properties turned out to range from easing aching joints to keeping fleas off dogs; from freshening clothing and rooms to adding flavor to food.

In their research, they learned about the lavender-growing efforts in the State of Washington, and how it added a tourism element to the mix. Lavender attracts visitors to view the farm and the eye-pleasing plants, and then you can offer the visitors lavender products for sale. A year ago they started growing the plants, which surprisingly to them was a lot like growing tobacco.

Now it's Kentucky's first lavender farm, and the endeavor has an impressive name - Lavender Hills of Kentucky. Products soon will be for sale in a small gift shop near the lavender field (and at their web site). There are lavender-filled pillows, sachets to put in closets and drawers to improve the scent and repel moths, and bathroom pomanders enhanced by the steam from a shower. Lavender Hills of Kentucky is still a fledgling operation, and they would like to find some type of wholesaler or distributor to buy the product. In the meantime, the family will offer lavender in their gift shop and at various fairs and festivals around the area.

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