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Maysville's Best: The Museums

One thing Maysville doesn't have a shortage of is museums... and we're even making more! Choose from any of the following:

The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center located at 215 Sutton Street, which carries an extensive array of Maysville history artifacts that, according to the City of Maysville web site, "transport the visitor through time as it tells the story of the region through dioramas and exhibits." Currently they are building a $3 million addition to house even more artifacts. If you want to know about Maysville and the region, this is a must visit.

Then there's the National Underground Railroad Museum located at the Bierbower House, which is a documented safe house on the Underground Railroad in Maysville. There you can view original kitchen and slave quarters where fugitive slaves were hidden under false floors. It's located at 38 West Fourth Street.

If you're looking to see how life was during the mid-19th century, you'll want to visit the Civil War museum at the Homefront Cafe, 34 West Second Street. In addition to rifles and muskets and military memorabilia that was used during the Civil War, you'll also find everyday items used by people from that era. They also have an extensive amount of agricultural items and medical artifacts from the time.

In Old Washington you can visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe Slavery to Freedom Museum, at 2124 Old Main Street, which offers artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, period furnishings and chronicles the life of Ms. Stowe, including her visit to Washington, Kentucky in 1833 which inspired the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Also in Old Washington is the Carriage Museum. This is a unique museum all about... you guessed it, carriages. See different makes and models of carriages used throughout the days before cars.

If you're a fan of vintage movies, take the short trip out to Augusta to see the Rosemary Clooney House museum which is where she lived while in Kentucky. They have pretty much everything Rosie including dresses she wore in her movies and other memorabilia, including a special section devoted to her role in White Christmas.

Finally, there's also tons of museums in nearby Ripley, Ohio... again, mostly dealing with the Underground Railroad, including the John P. Parker house, and the Rankin house, two people who helped many slaves on the pathway to freedom. There's also the Ohio Tobacco Museum which covers all things tobacco.