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Comments: Maysville's Best: The Bridges


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Jeremy said...

It's really beautiful at night too with the lights.

2:33 PM
Ron L. said...

This is why I love staying at the French Quarter Inn when I come to town. Every room on the river side has a great view of the bridge. Every room has cable TV and a full size hot tub but, I find that I spend most of my time sitting by the window watching boats and barges go under the bridge. Oh, and lets not forget about the night time view with the lights of the bridge dancing on the water. "Spectacular"

12:57 PM

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The Post:

Maysville's Best: The Bridges

Bridges may not seem all that important if you're not used to the Ohio River. But considering that the nearest bridges outside of Maysville Kentucky for crossing the river is at least an hour away in either direction, the importance of Maysville's not one, but two bridges, becomes apparent.

The original location of the Simon Kenton Suspension Bridge (pictured above) was up in the air in the 1920's, when the Ohio River crossing was first envisioned. Maysville was competing with Augusta on the location. Finally, on November 8, 1930, it was decided that the location would be Maysville.

The Simon Kenton Suspension Bridge opened to traffic on Nov. 25, 1931, originally with a toll. On August 1, 1945, the state of Kentucky announced plans to end the toll on the suspension bridge - then the only Ohio River span between Newport, Kentucky and Portsmouth, Ohio - on October 1. This was a much celebrated event, with a parade in downtown Maysville celebrating the "end of tolls" on the crossing. The Maysville's Rotary and Lions clubs also held celebrations.

In 2002, a $5.8 million renovation job replaced the deck of the Ohio River crossing. A fresh coat of battleship gray paint was also applied.

The William H. Harsha Bridge was later constructed as a by-pass of Maysville for truckers. The bridge, carrying US 62 and US 68 across the Ohio River one mile west of Maysville, was constructed from April 10, 1997 to its completion date on October 9, 2000 and became Kentucky's first cable-stayed bridge design. The last cable was hung on May 12, 2000. The bridge is named after the retired Ohio Congressman William H. Harsha.