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Comments: Why People Settled in Old Washington


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Jeremy said...

I'm not really sure Ken. I'm going to have to look into that one.

3:37 AM

Wonder which path they took up the hill. Buffalo Trace, up the old 68 hill, is the most obvious.
However, I have always thought it could have been what we now know as Hill City Road. Mefford's Fort was originally on Maple Leaf Road near Hill City Road before its move to Washington. Being one of the first structures in the area it doesn't make sense that they went up " old 68 " and then east to that location.

6:15 AM

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The Post:

Why People Settled in Old Washington

Maysville and Old Washington Kentucky today are pretty much the same place. Why historically were there two separate settlements?

To answer this question, you simply need to do the following: Hop in your car and drive to downtown Maysville near the riverfront. Put your car in neutral and push it back up the hill to the Old Washington area. Your family can help you with this task and for this exercise you are allowed to attach a horse or ox to your car, if you have one. If you can successfully push your car all the way up to Old Washington without it falling back down on you, then you know why people settled in Old Washington. They were just plain tired! : )

Old Washington started off as a camp for people to rest after trekking up the hill from the river -- pulling wagons and supplies in what was typically an all day event. Over time, people settled to cater to those travelers or (as I suspect, jokingly) they were just too tired to continue along. In any case, Old Washington became a pioneer truck stop for points elsewhere.

How come they didn't just stay in Maysville? That part's easy. It was originally Indian territory and settlers didn't want to linger. Old Washington became a safe place that settlers felt that, if they reached by nightfall, they would be protected.