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Comments: Neil Sedaka At The Rosemary Clooney Festival


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Neil Sedaka At The Rosemary Clooney Festival

According to Neil Sedaka's official web site:
It is hard to imagine the history of rock and roll without the many contributions of Neil Sedaka. For over four decades, Sedaka's timeless standards have helped change the face of popular music. With countless hit singles, and platinum and gold records, he is recognized as one of rock and pop music's legendary pioneers, and remains as vital a force today as he was when he first achieved his string of hits back in the late 1950's.

But although Sedaka's heyday was sometime ago, as one concert review pointed out:

If you're staying away from a Sedaka show because you think he's just another performer from the glory days of rock 'n' roll who refuses to grow old, think again.

Sedaka doesn't merely sing well for his age, he sings well for any age.

Nor does he merely pay tribute to himself during his concert, performing only his greatest hits, such as "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," "Oh, Carol," "Calendar Girl" or "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen."

He is not a caricature of himself.

Sedaka is a rare find from the glory days of rock and roll. As many performers become semi-retired and cease to grow as artists, Sedaka is continously refining his music. Just as recently as 2003, he released a new album with entirely new songs. As they say, Neil Sedaka is timeless.