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Comments: How Maysville Kentucky Gave Birth To Cincinnati


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Jeremy said...

Yes, the credit goes to the Indians. But they were Maysville Indians : )

12:04 AM
Ken Downing said...

Guess the real credit goes to the Indians

8:22 AM

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How Maysville Kentucky Gave Birth To Cincinnati

Cincinnati Ohio was founded in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and Colonel Robert Patterson. It was formed out of land acquired in the Symmes Purchase (also known as the Miami Purchase), which included the land in Southwestern Ohio that today comprises Hamilton, Butler, and Warren Counties. The land was purchased by Judge John Cleves Symmes of New Jersey from the Continental Congress.

So how did a man from New Jersey end up founding one of the greatest cities in the Midwest? Well, that's the interesting part and where Maysville Kentucky comes in.

In the early 1780s, a man named Benjamin Stites was visiting Maysville Kentucky, which was then known as Limestone. While here, some of his horses were stolen by Indians, and he set out after them in chase. Apparently, these Indians weren't the type to give up so easily, because Stites ended up pursuing them all the way through Southwestern Ohio, as far north as Xenia.

Stites was said to be so impressed by the fertility of the countryside he encountered while trying to recover his horses, that when he returned, he informed his friend Symmes of its prospects. Symmes, on his friend's recommendation, gathered together investors to buy the land. Less than a decade later, the early village of Cincinnati was formed.

Cincinnati came about because someone in Maysville had their horses stolen by Maysville Indians. You can't make these things up!