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Comments: 10-Lane Bridge To Be Built In Maysville Kentucky?


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Jeremy said...

Thanks! The Brent Spence Bridge gives it a new angle. I don't remember exactly where I read it, but there was something recent in the news about a new bridge in Cincinnati to be built and that they were having problems getting everyone on board. They said that the bridge may have to be built in Maysville.

The article mentioned something like that was what happened with the William Harsha Bridge. It was originally supposed to be built in Cincinnati, but things fell through and it ended up here.

Maybe there is something to this.

1:10 PM
Robert said...

The only such bridge I know of in this area is the replacement of the Brent Spence Bridge with a new 10-lane bridge. Studies for this bridge go back over 7 years.

8:06 AM

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The Post:

10-Lane Bridge To Be Built In Maysville Kentucky?

Normally I don't get into rumor-mongering. Bah, who am I kidding? As a story-teller I love rumors! I try not to regurgitate them, though, unless they have at least some bit of credibility. That's why this particular rumor is a tough one. It has some credibility but is also completely absurd.

Buried part way through an essay on foreign politics in the Harvard Business School student newspaper was the following statement:

Congress returns to its business-as-usual self, which is fraught with petty partisanship, pork-barrel legislation (bills that garner money for infrastructure projects in a Congressman's home district, such as a new 10-lane suspension bridge in Maysville, Kentucky), and distracted by the perpetual reelection campaign (the House serves 2-year terms).

Huh? A new 10-lane bridge? That's like 10 more lanes than we actually need. We've already got four spread over two bridges that are barely used.

The article was dated February 2007, so it's talking about a new bridge, not one of the two we already have. Also, I can't find any other references to a new bridge being built. It's probably a typo or mis-researched - and yet it is the Harvard Business School. See the dilema? But hey, it's just a rumor.

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