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Comments: Bald Eagle Spotted in Piqua, Kentucky


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Bald Eagle Spotted in Piqua, Kentucky

Residents in nearby Piqua, Kentucky, located in Robertson County, were treated to a rare sight recently when one of them noticed a bald eagle perched in a tree on the back side of Martin's Fishing Lake. The eagle remained for more than 45 minutes before it flew away.

From the Ledger Independent:

According to KFW, eagles are considered a federally threatened species. Male and female eagles have the same coloring, but the female is usually larger than the male. Its wing span can be up to 8 feet and it can spot a potential meal from nearly a mile away. There was no doubt the bird Becketts watched was an eagle.

The article continues:

The eagle stayed at its lakeside perch a few more minutes before grabbing a northern breeze. The last the group saw of the bird it was headed toward Mount Olivet, beyond the hills and trees of Piqua.

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