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Comments: Two Local Companies Gain National Exposure


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Two Local Companies Gain National Exposure

The Ledger Independent reports that Magee's Bakery and Hutchison's Grocery, two family owned and locally operated businesses, are gaining international exposure for their transparent pies (Magee's) and country hams (Hutchison's).

"The businesses have seen an increase in orders outside of Kentucky, and a recent order was shipped out for a going away party for a couple in New Mexico.

Magee's Bakery and Hutchison's Grocery have shipped transparent pies, tarts and country ham to states all over the country, including Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, Maine and New Mexico."

The team paired up about 15 years ago when Hutchison began shipping Magee's transparent pies along with their country ham orders. Magee's has also begain sending a complimentary cookie along with each order, shaped like the state of Kentucky and imprinted with the "Kentucky Unbridled Spirit" logo, an effective advertisement for the state of Kentucky.

Magee's Bakery is located on Orangeburg Road. Hutchinson's, who recently celebrated their 155-Year Anniversary is located on East Second Street.