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The Isaac Hall Murder Case

The Maysville Republican, of Feb 29, 1868, published an article which read "Murder: In Morgan Co., Ky, recently a man named Isaac Hall was called to the door and shot. He retreated, was pursued into the house, and again shot, and killed. Several men arrested. Among them were Hall's own brother, brother-in-law, and all others are related by blood or marriage."

It's an interesting tale of murder and vengence occuring in a nearby county, published in an early Maysville newspaper, and related to us via the web by a descendant of the the man's father. From the story:

Twenty-seven years old at the time of his death, Isaac Hall Jr. was the fourth son of Isaac Hall and Anna Martin. He was a Confederate veteran, and apparently gained a taste for robbery from his wartime raids. He had been prosecuted several times for robbery and even murder (from an incident in which a jail guard was killed during an attempted jailbreak of a member of his gang), but never convicted. Some months before the events covered by these hearings, he had driven from the family home his widowed mother, his two youngest brothers, his sister, and his brother-in-law, and was using the home as a place of refuge for his band of robbers and their women.

When they despaired of getting back into their house by spring, the younger hot-heads in the family cooked up a plan to "arrest" Ike Jr., and shoot him if he resisted arrest. When the actual confrontation came, though, they simply called out to Ike to give up as he walked unarmed to the barn to tend to his horse and mule. When he ran back towards the house (presumably to get his gun), they interpreted it as "resisting arrest", and opened fire from under cover of the woods. Ike was not killed immediately, but was able to retreat to his house, gravely wounded and unable to return fire. Towards midnight the vigilante band returned and shot him again in his bed, killing him. His girlfriend Eliza McDaniel was staying with him and witnessed both shootings.

More on the Isaac Hall Murder Case can be found here.