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Kentucky's Rich Wine History

The Maysville Uncorked Wine Festival takes place downtown today, 4pm to 10 pm, featuring wine tasting, an art show, and live music. Don't miss the block part (8-10 pm) with Phil Dirt and the Dozers!

Kentucky agriculture, in comeback mode since the decline of the tobacco industry, is looking back to its early history for a new cash crop.

In 1799, one of the first attempts at commercial winegrowing in the U.S. occurred in Kentucky, with plantings by the Kentucky Vineyard Society. By the mid-1800s the Bluegrass State was the third largest wine-producing state in America. Prohibition snuffed out the booming industry. But in 1976 a state law allowed farm wineries to operate and new vineyards and wineries soon followed.

In 1982, the defunct Kentucky Vineyard Society was resurrected. Most significant is the state program that funds half the startup cost of new vineyards. Wine grape acreage quadrupled from 1998-2002. With the new plantings, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc have gained the most ground, shifting the balance to vinifera, from native and hybrid varieties.

Today, through the cost-share program supported by the State of Kentucky's Vineyard Assistance Program, over 250 acres of grapes have been planted in Kentucky. Local wineries include the Baker-Bird Winery of Augusta that has recently re-opened.