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The Beat Goes On

When a colleague passes away, it's right and proper to say a few words on their behalf. No one actually died in this case, but the Mason County Beat newsmagazine did close up shop after publishing their last issue on Thursday, citing the cost of publication as the reason for saying farewell. I did the math in my head, and I can just imagine what those costs were. Each week 5,000 copies were distributed around town. Even at conservative printing costs, paying the writers, paying expenses, etc., the cost can rack up quickly. Quite a bit for the local economy.

When looking at the Maysville Kentucky Blog's statistics, I doubt I could afford to physically print and distribute it, even with advertisers. And it's just a humble digital hamster cage-liner : )

The Beat got their start last summer publishing alternative news and stories. Throughout publication, they gained some critical acclaim, including earning several Kentucky Press Association awards within the first four months of existence. Readers around town enjoyed their offbeat humor and say they'll miss looking for features such as "Fake Ads" and "Monkey Business" each week.

While the actual Beat is gone, its spirit lives on in the people who wrote for it, according to their final issue entitled, "Any Last Words?" Staff writers talk about their positive experiences working for the newsmagazine, lessons learned, and even leave us with the cryptic message, "And who knows; maybe we'll be baaaaaaack." I don't think we've heard the last from the Beat staff.