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The Maysville Kentucky Blog is your guide to the beautiful and historic small town of Maysville Kentucky, snuggled into the rolling hills along the Ohio River. Though this blog has been discontinued, you can get your Maysville Kentucky fix over at Ken Downing's Mason County Kentucky Blog @

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The World Walker

Steven Newman is the only person documented to have walked around the world solo, making the trek between April 1st, 1983 and April 1st, 1987. He walked across 21 nations and 5 continents and wore out four pairs of shoes completing his voyage. He labored with farm peasants in Europe, worked in Moroccan salt mines, on Italian fishing boats, in a circus in Greece, in a school in the Thai jungles, and even as a newspaper editor in Australia. He's from nearby Bethel, Ohio and currently lives on a farm near Ripley.

From the

My dream of walking around the world was born in a nine-year-old’s excitable mind. It was during one of those frequent southern Ohio rainy afternoons, when my imagination was lost in the pages of a stack of old National Geographic magazines. Though the covers of that dignified periodical may have been worn and faded at the time, the beauty of the glossy photographs inside was still unmistakably very much alive. I knew then and there that someday I had to visit all those exotic lands and meet all those smiling faces.

Even now, nearly forty years later, I can still remember so clearly that night’s restlessness caused by the magic of those paper windows to the world “out there.” When my mother came into my bedroom, I remember looking up at her from beneath my blanket and saying, “Mom, when I grow up I know exactly what I want to do—be a writer and walk around the world!” At which point she chuckled and replied, “Oh, you mean you’ll be a soldier of fortune?”

“Yeah…,” I answered, not at all sure what a soldier of fortune was but sure that it sounded pretty exciting.

His experiences make up the book Worldwalk which he wrote to critical acclaim.