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Life As A River

I got a few compliments on the photo I posted of John Beatty's Navy yesterday. Some expressed their surprise as it didn't look like what they expected. Thanks for the compliments. To be honest I was a bit surprised too. When I do get a chance to go boating it's usually around Ripley, so I never saw it before going to take a picture of it. Going down there I expected to see just a bit of a pilot house (the tallest part) sticking out of the water, farther off shore.

I can completely understand why some people may want it removed. It's old and rusty and doesn't look like it belongs there -- your typical junkyard. That's all true. But I also believe that if you look at it in a certain way, it really is quite beautiful. Even without dressing up the photo, it looks like a forgotton grave marker, a symbol of finality, especially with the city behind it that may represent life and the continuation of things. The story itself is a story of the power of the Ohio River. We build dams to regulate the height of it. We build bridges over it. We build walls to change the shape of it. But sometimes the river just doesn't want to let go of some things.

Hmm... in fact, the picture coupled with the story represent Life as a River. I'm not the first to draw the metaphor that life is a river, but you can see it here very easily. You know countless little things are going on in the city in the distance, but the river brings it to a final point. Life is a process until death. It's been pointed before that you never actually see the same river twice. The water you saw a moment ago has already moved on. Likewise, life is continually unfolding. The product of life, like the river, is that at some point, it will draw you in to a final resting place. There's nothing you can do to avoid it, and all of mankind's inventions (engines and cranes, science and medicine) do little to prevent it. Sometimes the end is just a little spot off to the side of life where you're watching life go on in the distance.

OK, so I made all of that up. But it sure sounds good.