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The Pulse: No More Civil War Days in Old Washington

This week's Pulse comes from foxtoon at the LiveJournal community "uscivilwar" and the blog post is about the cancellation of the yearly Civil War Weekend in Old Washington. It appears to have originally been written by Marsha Jones of Old Washington, Inc. and confirms the rumor that we reported earlier, that this year's Civil War Days may be the last:
Hello All. It is with deep regret that I let you know that Old Washington, Inc. Board has decided to discontinue our Civil War Living History Weekend. We deliberated about it for 2 months, and I sent out an e-mail to the reenactors asking how they felt about having our event just one day. I only got 2 replies.

The low number of reenactors that came this year, the low public attendance, and the negative balance of our CWW budget year after year, made us realize that it was fun while it lasted, but was no longer an event that we could continue to lead and support.
Some have suggested that we wait a year or 2 and try again, and have it at a different time of year, so this is a possibility.

Many thanks to ALL of you for your participation over the last 7 years. We loved having you here, and still feel that it was a very entertaining and educational event. There comes a time, though, when good things have to come to an end.

Please come back to Old Washington for a visit or for one of our other special weekends. Thanks, again, to each and every one of you for the time and energy you gave to our Civil War Living History Weekend, and even if only for 7 years, we still consider it one of our most important events.

Take care and Happy Holidays.


That sucks.

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