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Exporting Maysville Christmas Cheer

Maysville Kentucky is exporting Christmas cheer this year. Two local Christmas miracles have made the news in other areas of the country, one picked up by a news station in Dallas, Texas, and the other across the entire country via the Associated Press.

Airmail To Santa
Let's start with the Dallas Christmas story. It started late last month when Mike Rumford noticed two balloons while working on the farm of funeral director, John Parker, near Augusta Kentucky. Attached to the balloons were letters, written in Spanish, addressed to Santa Claus. Also in the letters were phone numbers which a reverse phone directory search revealed were Dallas numbers. As it turns out, they were released by children in Dallas with the hopes that they would arrive at the North Pole. Reportedly, as they rose into the air and disappeared, they told their parents, "Santa just grabbed them." Well, they may not have made it as far as the North Pole, but they did travel over 800 miles in a single day (amazing), and did in fact land in the hands of Santa in the form of Parker. Parker was so impressed by the find that he got on a plane and flew down to Dallas with the requested gifts in tow. It's a Christmas story worthy of the Lifetime Channel.

Watch the Dallas News Station Video

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Picture Perfect Christmas
The second story is no less amazing. It involves a photograph taken by Terry Prather at the Ledger Independent of the holiday decorations in downtown Maysville Kentucky, during a brief snow fall earlier this month. The photo itself is amazing, or as the Lexington Herald-Leader calls it: "snowflakes-falling-lightly-on-Americana-perfection photograph of the picturesque Northern Kentucky town's downtown at Christmas". First published by the Ledger, the photograph was picked up by the Associated Press and distributed all across the country. The Christmas miracle here, however, becomes apparent when you think of how much the photograph was a matter of timing. It has been unseasonably warm here in Kentucky this Christmas. The snow that fell on that day was our only snowfall this season. It wasn't particularly heavy and quickly disappeared with the afternoon sun. In fact, Christmas day itself is predicted to be miserably wet not from snow, but from rain. So how cool is it that this year, the hallmark of an Americana White Christmas, all across the country, is our own little town of Maysville.

White Christmas in Maysville Kentucky Photograph

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