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Bigfoot Spotted in Ohio River Valley?

Weird post today. Apparently a story is making its way around the Internet that a Bigfoot was spotted and filmed in Kentucky along the Ohio River Valley, which would put it somewhere around here. This isn't an old story either. Supposedly it happened in 2005. I use the term Bigfoot loosely because I've seen the video and it can be any number of things.

The story gets a little weirder. The video comes from a motion detection camera that was placed on location where the Bigfoot was supposedly seen. They set up the camera, placed some bait on the ground, and waited to see what would happen. The bait - and I couldn't make this up if I wanted to - was pancakes.

So, if this is actually a video of Bigfoot, it is also a video of Bigfoot eating pancakes!

In any case, the first part of the video is the group setting up the camera. Around 02:20 on the timeline, a woman comes into the scene and places a plate of pancakes on the ground. "Bigfoot" arrives on the scene at about 05:57 on the timeline. Judge for yourself.

The full story in detail is available at