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The Maysville Kentucky Blog is your guide to the beautiful and historic small town of Maysville Kentucky, snuggled into the rolling hills along the Ohio River. Though this blog has been discontinued, you can get your Maysville Kentucky fix over at Ken Downing's Mason County Kentucky Blog @

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Augusta Makes Thomas D. Clark's Top Ten

Noted Kentuckian historian and centenarian Thomas D. Clark, who recently passed away, made a list before he died of the top ten places that everyone interested in Kentucky must see. It was one of the last things he put to paper. Number 8 on that list is our own Augusta, Kentucky. According to the article, Augusta was the site of an ancient Native American village and entered the records of being an official town in the late 1700s, after the state of Virginia gave the land to Capt. Philip Buckner under a Revolutionary War grant. Augusta is a treasure trove of history and the location of many picturesque old homes have become its signature. Full Story