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Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Wave Hello

One of the more charming things we encountered when my wife and I moved to the Maysville area many years ago is that when you drive along any of the roads in Maysville, and wave to a passing driver, they'll wave back! Most times they will return a smile as well. These are the things that make a small town great. As the years have passed, we have seen our Super Wal-Mart move into the area, bringing with it a small army of chain stores and restaurants. We've also seen many of our neighbors come and go. Just in the last two years, maybe as far back as five, we've seen this small town of neighbors grow like small towns tend to do across America. There's more business in the area, more people, and more traffic. Still, as times change as inevitably as leaves turn in the fall, the heart of Maysville has remained the same. Today we can look back over the seasons and see what we've always seen - people waving hello.

~ Jeremy Parnell, a Maysville Neighbor


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