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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bicycle Race Blurs by River

The Ohio River is beautiful by boat during the summer. When the leaves change in autumn, there's nothing more pleasant than driving along the highway and watching the hillsides for bursts of color in oranges and reds. In the wintertime it's nice to take a 70-mile bicycle trek in the 30 degree frost. Huh? That's right, 70 miles in the low 30s on a bicycle, vying for position and trying to win a race against other bikers just as cold as you are.

That's what Joe over at the Peloton Fodder Blog was doing on a recent Sunday. Joe's an amateur racing cyclist from Louisville, Kentucky. Last Sunday his team drove to California, Kentucky, a little ways down river, for the Mentor/Maysville Road Race, a 70-mile out-and-back trip along the Ohio River. The turning around point in the race was downtown Maysville. (Map of the race)

You absolutely have to read his detailed account of the race posted on his blog. It's pretty exciting and makes me wish I had seen it first-hand.

From the story:

"About ten miles in, a break of five got loose, with one of our teammates in the mix. The rest of us did our best to sit on the front and block for him, slowing the pace considerably in an effort to extend the gap. Apparently up in the break, my teammate wasn't making any new friends by sitting on and refusing to work. Good tactics when you have eleven teammates behind you policing the pack, but not good if you prefer to race without hearing personal insults from your break partners." Link


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