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Friday, March 24, 2006

New Art Studio Opens in Flemingsburg

We were talking the other day on this blog about the usefulness of old buildings and how they can be repurposed into something that has no resemblance to what they were built for in the first place. In doing so, it helps to keep history alive while adding something new to the local community. Take for example the Old Tobacco Factory on Electric Avenue in Flemingsburg. With damage from a fire many years ago, it was unlikely that it would ever be used as a tobacco factory again, and chances are that it would sit neglected before eventually being torn down in favor of new construction at the spot.

Kudos then to Kathy Macht and her husband for finding a new vision and a new life for the old building (as reported in this Ledger Independent article). Reportedly, the Machts have transformed the second floor of the Old Tobacco Factory into a big city-style loft (make sure you check out the picture at the article link, it's beautiful what they've done with the place). Even the flooring was taken from an Augusta Kentucky home that was built in 1810 and later torn down. On the first floor, they've added an art studio and gallery, called Banana Tree Studios, where they plan to showcase their work and that of local artists.

The entire project is one for the books and hopefully will inspire others who have had crazy plans of New York-style lofts but enjoy the quiet country setting Kentucky has to offer. I know I'm inspired ; )


Jeremy said...

I'm not sure if they're willing to sell their new home out there in Flemingsburg, but I know I've been looking at the top floors of buildings downtown in a different way ; ) Soon as I get some time I plan on checking out the art gallery as well.

12:31 PM
Tanya said...

WOW!!! I think I will take a trip to Flemingsburg.


5:10 PM
anonymous said...

i wonder if they would sell it me and if so for how much. ha ha

3:39 PM

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