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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting Lost in Maysville

I've never really had a hard time getting around town, but then again I usually don't pay attention to the road signs. Check out this funny story from "mapguy":

I was in Maysville in October 2002, with the intention of documenting signage on US 68. Navigating through this area can be difficult and/or amusing (depending on how comfortable you are with where you're going) for a couple reasons:

  • US 68 is signed as an east-west route in Kentucky, but it's north-south in Ohio. This is where the signage changes.
  • US 62 is signed as an east-west route in both states, but it could just as easily be considered more of a north-south road in this area. And partly for that reason, there are some confusing "wrong-way" multiplexes.

I could've used at least a roll of film documenting all this, but unfortunately I didn't have time to do a comprehensive job. What I did get is marked "October 2002" below. Also, for contrast, I've posted several H.B. Elkins photos from a year or two earlier, to show how these roads were originally signed when the Harsha bridge was first opened in January 2001. Clearly, even Ohio officials themselves have struggled with how best to sign these roads.

Road signage October 2002

Does that medly of signs (pictured above) really say that if you continue going straight you will be going West, East, and North simultaneously?!?

Full Story and More Photos


Jeremy said...

Hi C.G. The new signage article was talking about the new tourism signs around Old Washington. This article is about some of the confusing road signs around town. Unfortunately I don't know what the speed limit is back there. If I find out, I'll be sure to let you know : )

9:16 PM
C.G. said...

I didn't take the time to read any of the other articles but I'm curious to know if your "Signage Articles" and/or pictures include the speed limit signs posted on the "old hill (Old US 68)", behind Maysville Auto? Does anyone know what speed to go exactly (except slow since you're going down hill)?????

6:47 PM

I totally understand what you are refering to. Before I started commuting from New Richmond to Maysville I laughed at the signs and eventually said heck with it, I'm just going for a drive to get to know the area. Thanks for the posting, it was quite entertaining.

11:43 AM

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