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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Submarines in the Ohio River

I know, it's weird, but according to Cincinnati's CityBeat, there's an urban legend circling around that a submarine was once spotted in the Ohio River. There were apparently eye witnesses to the strange event. "Back in 1961, I saw a submarine, honestly," says Janice Forte of the Cincinnati Historical Society. "We were just standing down by the river and somebody says, 'My God, look at that!' It was not submerged, and it was headed north. Nobody wrote about it in the papers, that I saw. It was really strange."

Cincinnati papers also wrote back in 2002 that a local veterans' group was trying to get the Navy to come off the U.S.S. Cincinnati, a nuclear submarine launched in 1975, when it eventually becomes decommissioned. They hoped to submerge it near the Newport Aquarium and turn it into a local river tourist attraction.


Jeremy said...

Hey Eric, you guys really are the "Sub Report". I went to your site ( I had no idea there was that much information about submarines to report! : ) Keep up the good work.

12:21 PM
Jeremy said...

That's sad to hear Eric. I guess that's the way it goes though.

6:57 PM
Russell said...

The way my farther told the story is was a German U-boat in World War Two.

2:38 PM

Efforts to recieve the USS Narwhal
in Newport just recently collapsed
as seen in this article:

12:11 PM

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