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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The South is Safe

The South is Safe - The Louisville Democrat - January 3, 1861

Reads: "Gentlemen: I learn that my old friend, William Varble, left, yesterday, for Charleston, South Carolina, to aid the South in her struggle for justice and her rights (in or out of the Union). He says the thing must be settled; that the North has imposed upon the rights of the South long enough, and that he intends to settle the whole difficulty before he returns to old Kentucky. The gallant Varble carried with him an old-fashioned shot gun and an old rusty rifle. The difficulties between the North and South will now be settled, and the country will owe much to our gallant friend and patriot Varble."

The Civil War officially commenced in April of 1861. South Carolina, having succeeded from the United States in their own minds, saw Union forces in Fort Sumter as an occupying army in their new sovereign nation. The battle to remove those forces kicked off the Civil War. The article above, dated in January of that year, shows some of the tension leading up to the Civil War. Politicians debated back and forth before South Carolina officially withdrew from the United States.

If you missed the satire in the article, its author was pretty much saying: "Oh alright, problem solved. Here comes Varble to the rescue. Varble will take care of it. Yeah, right." The article didn't mention what became of William Varble. If he did intend to settle things with his "old-fashioned shot gun" and "old rusty rifle", then he most likely would have participated in the Battle of Fort Sumter.


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