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Monday, June 19, 2006

Buildings on Third Street, Maysville Kentucky


I got these photos in an email recently along with this note:

I am sending you some pictures we took when we were in Maysville three years ago. If you'd like to post any of them on the blog, choose the ones you find most interesting and post them. It is okay with us. We think they are all beautiful, but we are prejudiced!

Jane B. Johnson
Swanzey, NH

I found them all interesting and beautiful as well! Thanks Jane : )


Local said...

Not often, Ken. As locals, we take this beautiful downtown for granted...

1:02 AM
Jeremy said...

It is strange. Unless you are just out for a stroll, if you live in Maysville you might overlook these and other beautiful aspects of the town. Those rowhouses in the photos for example (first from left, second row). I sometimes pass by without even noticing them. Truth is, that whole section is straight out of Better Homes and Gardens.

11:06 PM

I agree they are beautiful.
Funny how things like this looks so much better when you don't see them all the time. Wonder how many locals take the time to admire the many beautiful things in Maysville ?

7:42 AM

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