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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hayswood Hospital Is a Tourism Draw?

Local residents have been debating what to do with the Hayswood Hospital for some time. In its, ahem, hay-day, it was a booming hospital for the local area with 87 beds available for patients from the surrounding area. Much like Meadowview Regional caters to the entire region, so did Hayswood before it closed in 1983. Today it is pretty much an eye-sore and there's a lot of debate on what to do with it. Residents wonder if it should be torn down or redesigned for some other use. What many of them don't realize is that it is already being used, by the living... and the dead! Muhahaha!

The Ledger recently wrote an article about proposed uses for the Hayswood building, including converting it into apartments or using the space to solve the growing parking issue downtown.

The article also touched upon the hospital's notoriety as a hangout for haunts. However it's not just haunted, it's also a popular destination for ghost hunters here and abroad. I personally know of several ghost hunters from Cincinnati who have made the trip out here, just to stand at the bottom of the hill and look up at it, hoping to catch a glimpse of the other side. They take photos of the building hoping that when the film is developed, a shadow or light phenomena called "orbs" might appear in the shot (some believe they've caught evidence on film of the ghosts in Hayswood).

Groups like the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society have also expressed interest in Hayswood and doing a thorough investigation of the grounds. The LGHS is a huge organization and was recently featured in two shows for the Sci-Fi Channel about the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a hospital for tuberculosis patients near Louisville that closed in the 1960s.

These ghost hunters actually prefer an eye-sore : )

So, yes, currently Hayswood Hospital is a tourism draw, although slightly off the beaten path of other Maysville tourism draws like its place in Underground Railroad lore. The tourism element is partially because of people letting others know the stories behind the building, mostly online. Kudos to the Ledger for mentioning, which is another blog I write for and drop strange tales of Maysville whenever I come across them. Just for reference, the Haunted Travels Industry is booming and is estimated in the hundreds of millions.


Jay said...

I would be interested in a tour because I was born there in the late 70's. I've always wanted to see it.

3:49 PM

I would love to tour the old building,Hayswood Hospital. I here stories about paranormal activity and would like to see for mysself.That might be a good way to earn money to restore the building.

1:51 PM

I would Totally be interested in a tour of Hayswood Hospitial. I've always heard the rumors of paranormal activity, and would like to see for myself !!

10:10 PM

I think that the Hayswood Hospital is VERY CREEPY.. I would like to go in if they would open it for Ghost Tours. I know lots of others that feel the same and i think it would make a lot in cash.

10:03 PM
Jeremy said...

It would be cool. I think a lot depends on the environmental study that rumor has it they are reportedly doing. Whether it gets torn down or used for something else, they need to determine if there's bad stuff like asbestos and lead in there. If they determine it's safe enough to walk around in, I might ask for permission myself : )

2:09 PM
Ron L. said...

I'll bet there's a fortune to be made opening that place up for "ghost tours". This would especially be true in the fall when everyone gets the the Halloween bug.
I recently went to a funeral and dinner afterwards at the Baptist church down the street. I broke away for a while and walked up the hill to Hayswood and I must say there IS something a little spooky and intimidating about that building.I would love to be able to go inside.....I think. :)

6:27 AM

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