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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Herb Farm @ Strodes Run

We were talking recently about the fallout from the tobacco industry and how many farmers in Kentucky are looking to other means of generating new revenues (See: Lavender Hills of Kentucky from our July 2006 Issue). Agritourism is one of these methods for improving the viability of small farms and rural communities. What adult isn't interested, at least a little, in how their food is produced? What child wouldn't want to visit a farm and see a live duck, pet a goat, ride a donkey, or maybe pick fruit right off the tree? It's a wholesome, inexpensive vacation that the entire family can enjoy.

One local farm takes agritourism seriously, The Herb Farm @ Strodes Run. Not only is it the first certified organic farm in Maysville Kentucky — as in avoiding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and the other things that make you glow in the dark — but it is also has many services available for the curiosity seeker looking to learn more about agriculture.

From The Herb Farm @ Strodes Run web site:

Our 4,000 square foot herb barn features Sweet Annie Cafe', catered meeting space for your gathering, antique shop and a regional farmers market featuring fresh herbs, produce, crafts, honey, jellies, jams.

We offer educational farm tours for adults and attentive children. Some of the things you can see and learn about on the tours include: Historic Lashbrook cemetery, ancient Indian trail to Blue Licks State Park, horses, mules, donkeys, goats, Molly the Scottish Highlander cow, honey bees, dogs, cats and area wildlife.

You can learn more about The Herb Farm at their web site: I think I will head out there myself to see if "Molly the Scottish Highlander" cow does indeed wear a kilt : )


Jeremy said...

Psuedo-George : )

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Currently, the old Cox building houses one of Maysville's new, dynamic, independent, downtown businesses-the Grapevine Trading Company, specializing in rare junk, pop art, collectibles, painted furniture, and retro clothing. Stop by.

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