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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Splitting the Crowd

There's a lot going on this weekend around town. There's the Simon Kenton Festival, the Chrome & Cruise Car Show, the Vine Music Festival, and the Pig Out on Market Street. It's rare that you see so many activities to choose from in one small town, and I love it! The problem is that you actually have to choose. I don't know if the scheduling conflict was intentional or an accidental flub, but I have to question the wisdom of overlapping events in a town of limited event-goers.

Here's the crux of the matter: I want to go to both the Vine Music Festival and the Pig Out on Market Street and it's not possible to do so and enjoy both events in their entirety. Both events begin around 4pm and end around 10pm. The Simon Kenton Festival, although shops are open until 5pm, usually wraps up around 4pm, so that's not really a problem. And although the Chrome & Cruise Car Show is scheduled for the same time slot as the Simon Kenton Festival, you can easily enjoy both. This just isn't the case with the Pig Out and Vine events. Spend some time at the Pig Out, for example, and you're missing part of the concert, and vice versa.

There's unfortunately only a limited number of people in the regional area who attend these types of activities. Splitting the crowd hurts both events. I only mention this because it's not an isolated case. Recent past events have suffered poor attendance as well because of scheduling conflicts. Cooperatively working with other event planners in town can only help the success of all involved.


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