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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big Rock ATV & Dirt Bike Park

In 1999, after a severe drought forced Maysville Kentucky rancher, Duke Ford, to give up the cattle business, he found himself wondering what to do with all that land just sitting around unused. It was a substantial plot after all -- nearly 2000 acres. After mulling it over a bit, Ford came up with an idea that led to one of Maysville's more interesting recreational attractions.


Big Rock ATV park consists of nearly 2000 acres of riding area near Maysville, Kentucky. The terrain itself consists of many large wooded valleys and long open ridges. There are miles and miles of trails completely in the woods. The trails themselves consist of dozer made trails and rider made trails. There are plenty of challenging hill climbs to satisfy the most hardcore riders, and plenty of easy trails for kids and beginners.

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