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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Pulse: Scoot Right On Over Here

Like any rural town on a stretch of highway, Maysville Kentucky gets its share of motorcycle mobs, but did you know about the small groups of scooter enthusiasts that come through here as well? This week's Pulse comes from Scooter Dave at and his blog post is about a recent convoy of scooters, scootin' it here from Cincinnati [I just love saying scooter]:
It was in the 70’s today and many scooterists played hooky from work, I was able to stop by and snap a picture of them getting ready to take off on their 160+ mile ride to Maysville, KY. I met up with a few of them at a bar in Cincinnati. Damn working for da man, I missed one hellova ride. Ben will be posting pictures HERE. Even though I was not there, the Vulcans were represented thanks to Damien.

Read the full post / And lots of photos

The Pulse is a weekly series at the Maysville Kentucky Blog where we pull something we found in the blogosphere that relates to Maysville and share it with our readers.


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